Rocker Arm - E30 325e 325i 325is - E34 525i (M20)

If there is one weak point to the internals of the M20 engine, it's the camshaft rocker arms. They're actually designed to be the weak link to prevent more extensive damage elsewhere in the valvetrain. The rocker arm actuates the valves as the cam lobe makes contact. But sustained running at high RPM will cause the valves to 'float' or stay open which can lead to contact between the piston and the valves. If this happens too often, it will fatigue and snap the rocker arm. Therefore, any track driven E30 should have the rockers inspected or replaced often, along with a correct valve adjustment. And any high mileage M20 engine is running the risk of failure because of fatigue and weak valve springs. It's also a good idea to use new rocker arms any time a new cam is installed as the cam and the rocker wear together.

Replacement of the rocker arms can be done with the cylinder head in the car but more often, the head is removed. This makes removing the rocker shafts easier. Either way, a new cylinder head gasket set is recommended as it includes all of the gaskets and plugs that you would need. If the head stays on the car, the radiator may need to be removed to allow more access for the shafts to come out. Replacing the engine timing belt is not done at the same time and should be treated as a separate job.

These Febi M20 rocker arms are sold per rocker (order 12 for a complete set). You may also want to replace the eccentric adjusters as it's easy to do and worn eccentrics may prevent you from properly adjusting the valves afterward.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1984-1991 E30 BMW 325e 325es 325i 325ic 325is 325ix
1989-1990 E34 BMW 525i
T#: 3387 | Part#: 11331271429
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Rocker Arm - E30 325e 325i 325is - E34 525i (M20)