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F30 328i & 320i 2012+ Maintenance Service Package

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The N20 BMW 4 cylinder gas engine is a potent and efficient power plant -- but don't buy into the hype that your F30 328i or 320i is maintenace-free! Those "free" oil changes that BMW performs during the warranty period occur in half the frequency you should really be changing your oil. If you plan on owning your F30 328i or 320i past the warranty period, we recommend performing an oil change between each of the scheduled oil services. It's just common sense! By taking charge of your car's care and servicing, your car will reward you in driving pleasure -- not to mention your bank account. Using a preventative service schedule will not only keep your BMW running like new, but will also prevent a more costly repair and inconvenience in the future. It's worth considering that a complete and thorough maintenance record can add hundreds or thousands to a selling price of a used car and give a buyer unmatched piece-of-mind.

Our approach to servicing and caring for newer BMW models is not radically different than when we opened nearly twenty years ago. The design and materials of some components have changed but that only affects WHEN you should replace something, not IF. Through our own Service Department, and thousands of sales annually, we have put together packages for your newer BMW model that will reinject some life into your car and keep it performing at its peak. We use Original Equipment (OE) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts that we have trusted since we opened in 1993. In some cases, we recommend a performance alternative part that we have found works better, or resolves a design flaw, with the original. So you get top quality parts, first-rate service, and unbeatable expertise.

The LL-01 BMW oil specification marks stringent requirements from BMW that oil must meet in order to receive this approval rating. Still used today in many BMW NA and Turbo engines, LL-01 TwinPower Turbo 5w-30 and all LL-01 approved oils are great for ensuring proper wear protection and low fuel consumption, even during high oil change intervals. When BMW LL-04 oil was developed, it was not approved at the time for use in the US. This was due to the high sulfur and ethanol content in US fuels. Originally used mostly for diesel engines and euro motors, LL-04 demand is now starting to pick up with changes in US fuels such as lower sulfur content since 2014 and thanks to LL-04 and LL-01 being interchangeable/compatible. The slight advantage of LL-04 over LL-01 is due to LL-04's higher ZDDP levels and HTHS ratings. This allows for increased engine protection at higher temperatures and engine pressures. In addition, LL-04 also has a lower SAPS level which benefits direct-injection engines, including all BMW turbo engines since 2007.

5,000 Mile Oil Service

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  • engine oil change with filter, using OE BMW 5W30 or Motul
  • replace drain bolt crush washer
  • reset oil service/maintenance indicator
  • inspect and top off any other fluids

Annual Service

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  • air filter cleaning or replacement
  • MAF/airflow sensor cleaning
  • A/C microfilter/cabin filter replacement
  • brake fluid flush/bleeding
  • wiper blade replacement
  • lubricate door hinges and treat rubber door seals
  • inspect spare tire or tire repair kit, and tire-changing tools
  • inspect drive belt for cracking or stretching
  • inspect intake boots and vacuum lines for cracks
  • inspect brake system for pad wear, rotor wear, parking brake operation, and brake pedal pressure
  • inspect bushing and ball joints for excess play/movement
  • ensure the cooling systems are functioning correctly (hoses and thermostat, thermostat housing, auxiliary fan, A/C system, etc)

This package fits the following BMWs:
2012+ F30 BMW 328i and 328i xDrive sedan (N20 gasoline turbo 4-cylinder)
2013+ F31 BMW 328i xDrive Wagon (N20 gasoline turbo 4-cylinder)
2013+ F30 BMW 320i and 320i xDrive sedan (N20 gasoline 4 cylinder turbo engine)

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Air Intake Filter

RWD Differential Fluid

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This Part Fits the Following BMWs

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW F30 320i N20 2.0L
BMW F30 320i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F30 328i N20 2.0L
BMW F30 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F31 328i xDrive N20 2.0L
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