Supersprint Sport Muffler Set - 4x80mm Tips - Z4 M Coupe/Roadster

Free ground shipping! The Supersprint 'sport' rear mufflers are a mild but tasteful exhaust upgrade for the MZ4. If you want just a little more of that S54 song to come through to the cabin this is a great choice. They have a very 'European' sound that accentuates the mechanical sounds and leaving a little rumble, especially backing off the throttle. These are tuned muffler set and not off-the-shelf boy racer exhausts. Supersprint exhaust is widely recognized as the leader in complete exhaust system upgrades - extremely high quality, well designed for optimal flow, and amazing sound. Even at a premium price, Supersprint is an unbeatable exhaust system because every aspect is done to such a high level. A Supersprint exhaust rewards you with a terrific sound, long-lasting construction, and excellent fitment. The Supersprint sound is very 'European' which fits the sporting sophistication of BMWs perfectly. Most systems are also modular - sections can be added or removed to custom tailor the exhaust sound to your preference. Aside from 'Race' systems, their mufflers meet European noise laws so you get a refined and tuned sound without being excessively loud. Supersprint exhausts generally run at a premium over other systems but no other system on the market can match their quality, performance, or reputation!
T#: 343 | Part#: TMS343
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Expected Ship Date: Jan 31, 2022
Supersprint Sport Muffler Set - 4x80mm Tips - Z4 M Coupe/Roadster