Schrick Camshaft - 2002

Performance cams for M10 engines in the 2002. Schrick makes a variety of cams for the '02 -- from a mild upgrade to highly-aggressive. The specs on the mild 284-deg allow for good mid-range and bottom end and a small increase in the top end. The 292 gives much better punch in the mid range and top end without a loss at the bottom. The 304 makes big power at the top end but sacrifices low end and should only be used with larger carburetors. Schrick High-Performance valve springs are strongly recommended. Schrick makes other cams but they are intended only for serious, professionally-built motors with big carbs.

Schrick Technical Information / Specs
T#: 3493 | Part#: TMS3493
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Schrick Camshaft - 2002