ECS Tuning Aluminum Coolant Bleeder Screw

Replace the flimsy plastic bleeder screw used in the coolant expansion tank or in one of the cooling system hoses with this high quality, durable, aluminum bleeder screw. The stock plastic screw can deform over time due to heat or even regular use. We have even seen the head of the screw snap off, leaving the threaded body stuck in the expansion tank. This aluminum screw will help to prevent sudden failure of the bleeder screw, which can result in immediate overheating of the car.

ECS Tuning's Aluminum Coolant Bleeder Screw replaces Genuine BMW Part Number 17111712788

T#: 363070 | Part#: 003530ECS01A
14.95 $14.95
ECS Tuning Aluminum Coolant Bleeder Screw