Elring Cylinder Head Installation Kit - S52 3.2L

If there is a large amount of oil on the sides of the engine or if you can smell burning oil, chances are it's a bad valve cover gasket. The gasket fails and allows oil to seep down onto the side of the engine and other parts causing a mess and reducing the amount of oil in your engine. This replacement gasket from Elring is perfect to prevent any further oil leaks.

Includes everything needed to re-seal your engine's head.

Elring is one of the biggest OEM names in the manufacturing of high quality gaskets that are available for very affordable prices. Elring has supplied many automotive names for years with the gaskets that seal your car's components from day 1 so you can rest assured that these components will last for a long time to come!

Fits the following engines:
S52 3.2L

T#: 367024 | Part#: 11129069861
162.25 $162.25
Elring Cylinder Head Installation Kit - S52 3.2L