Schwaben Protecta Socket Kit - 3 Pieces

Protecta socket are used to keep ugly scratch marks from showing up after torqueing down wheel lugs.


  • Coated six-point deep-well impact sockets 
  • Color coded mar-free exterior coatings that prevent nicks and scratches left by plain metal sockets
  • 17mm, 19mm and 21mm Sockets included

Use these with your breaker bar or impact gun to remove the tightest wheel bolts and lug nuts: when reinstalling wheels, use them to final torque wheel fasteners to factory specifications.

Combine these with our torque limiting sockets and the Schwaben ½-inch torque wrench for a complete wheel fastener solution.

T#: 385652 | Part#: pps-1721
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Schwaben Protecta Socket Kit - 3 Pieces