Active Autowerke PRIMA Supercharger Kit - E46 M3 (6 Speed Transmission Only)

Since getting their start in 1981, Active Autowerke has earned a well-respected reputation in the BMW community for engineering high-quality power solutions for popular BMW models. This supercharger kit will produce 425 horsepower and 295 ft.lbs. of torque on your BMW, while retaining platform integrity and daily driveability. Unique to the design of the Rotrex supercharger is the traction drive system, which eliminates the lag often found in other centrifugal supercharger setups. Power delivery is smooth and dependable, and 100% reversible to stock if you so choose, since each system is designed as a self-contained unit. best of all, when you crave more power, this kit is fully upgradeable to Level 1 and Level 2 specs.

Kit features:

  • Rotrex C38-92 trim supercharger running 5.8 PSI of boost
  • Active Autowerke GEN 7 intake manifold
  • Active Autowere dual blow-off valve setup
  • Active Autowerke Air Filter
  • Alpha N software tune w/ SIMON2 interface
  • 6 high-flow fuel injectors
  • Dedicated oil cooling system
  • All mounting hardware, plumbing, hoses, & clamps
  • Illustrated instruction manual & installation guide
  • 2 year warranty with free tech support

Base Prima supercharger Dynojet results:
Boost: 5.8 psi
Stock Horsepower:  285.4 WHP @ 7500 RPM
Stock Torque: 232.36 LB-FT @ 5250 RPM
Supercharged Horsepower: 426.69 WHP @ 8150 RPM
Supercharged Torque: 297.99 LB-FT @ 7200 RPM

T#: 397295 | Part#: 12-021
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Active Autowerke PRIMA Supercharger Kit - E46 M3 (6 Speed Transmission Only)