Turner Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit - 8oz

When we designed this catch we wanted to have the most function options available, the best separation method, and the easiest to service. The Turner engineered catch cans offer a pre-setup design based ion desired flow direction, however, this does not limit you to this flow. The inner baffle orientation can be easily adjusted to flow in both directions in case you decide to move this catch can to a different vehicle. A 4 chamber system baffle system inside the catch can was engineered to create multiple changes in the direction of airflow within the separator to cause oil droplets to fall out of suspension before exiting the catch can. Having a closed/recirculated design reduces oil ingestion and promotes cleaner emissions and odor-less operation.
T#: 398784 | Part#: 022798tms01-07KT
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Turner Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit - 8oz