Supersprint Section 1 Straight Pipe - E46 M3, Z3 M S54

Free ground shipping! Fan of the rasp that comes from the S54 engine? This front exhaust section replaces the single resonator in the US exhaust (or the cats in Euro models) with a straight-through pipe. This can be a direct bolt-on to the stock or Euro headers and includes rear O2 sensor ports (for Euro models, must be plugged for US models). You can use this with the Supersprint resonator delete section 2 pipe for the max rasp effect. Or mount it with any other section 2 exhaust to fine-tune your sound. Supersprint exhaust is widely recognized as the leader in complete exhaust system upgrades - extremely high quality, well designed for optimal flow, and amazing sound. Even at a premium price, Supersprint is an unbeatable exhaust system because every aspect is done to such a high level. A Supersprint exhaust rewards you with a terrific sound, long-lasting construction, and excellent fitment. The Supersprint sound is very 'European' which fits the sporting sophistication of BMWs perfectly. Most systems are also modular - sections can be added or removed to custom tailor the exhaust sound to your preference. Aside from 'Race' systems, their mufflers meet European noise laws so you get a refined and tuned sound without being excessively loud. Supersprint exhausts generally run at a premium over other systems but no other system on the market can match their quality, performance, or reputation! This part alters or deletes the emissions equipment on your car. Because of this, we require a waiver of emissions compliance to be signed and sent in to Turner Motorsport. You can download the waiver here.
T#: 4190 | Part#: 787512
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Expected Ship Date: Feb 25, 2022
Supersprint Section 1 Straight Pipe - E46 M3, Z3 M S54