Turner Motorsport Front Adjustable Street Camber/Caster Plates - E46 M3

These camber plates are perfect for the enthusiast owner who wants a high-quality design with a motorsports background. But using a full race kit on the street is not often the best option. So we took the best features from the Race Camber Plates and incorporated them into a fresh Street design - preserves the correct E46 M3 geometry separate sliding camber and caster adjustments maximum shock travel lightweight durable materials large surface area ease of use The Turner E46 M3 Street Camber Plates are the most advanced design on the market. These are designed specifically for the E46 M3 - no shortcuts or cookie-cutter components. We started with a fresh design to make these very user-friendly and easy to install and set up. The E46 M3 front suspension has unique geometry and the strut is mounted at an angle that can put significant side loading on the strut shaft if it's not located properly. The location and angles for the main bearing were carefully engineered to allow the proper motion ratio and strut angles during adjustment. This greatly reduces bending forces on the strut itself which improves performance and longevity. By designing for one chassis we're able to focus on what works best in that application - proper fitment and operation without unnecessary adapters, easy-to-use camber and caster adjustments, and an intelligent modular design.
T#: 434 | Part#: TSU4680501
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Turner Motorsport Front Adjustable Street Camber/Caster Plates - E46 M3