BMW Shipping Block / Spacer

Did you just find one of these on your car? Probably on a shock absorber right? And you're wondering what it is? This is called a shipping spacer and it's installed by BMW when the car is in transport. It's usually white but could be orange or blue (NOT to be confused with the shock's dense foam bump stop). This plastic block limits the suspension movement and keeps the car from rocking side to side and damaging the cars around it when it's on a container ship. When the car arrives in port at the BMW VDC (Vehicle Distribution Center) the techs or inspectors are supposed to remove these blocks. But sometimes they forget and one or more of these blocks remain on the car. This can be very irritating because the car rides and handles horribly. Your new BMW will have a very rough and harsh ride. With no suspension travel your BMW will crash over bumps and potholes. It can shake and vibrate the chassis and even items in the interior such as the seats and dash.

These are sometimes left in the car for years at a time and no one notices or cares to complain. Some people just think that's the way the car is supposed to be. Sometimes they only get noticed when the latest owner goes in to replace the shocks. We sometimes get calls from customers who think it's a wear item and needs to be replaced. After we confirm they're not looking at the actual shock bump stop (which should be there) we let them in on what it really is. You won't find this part at your local BMW dealer and it's not in the BMW ETK or Real OEM. So don't worry if you found this part on your car and think it needs replacing - toss it in the trash or mail it back to BMW with a note saying you can finally enjoy the handling of your Ultimate Driving Machine!

T#: 55008 | Part#: 31332283806
Part#: 31-33-2-283-806
Part#: 31 33 2 283 806
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BMW Shipping Block / Spacer