Turner Motorsport Stepped Intercooler - F2x F3x 228i 235i 328i 335i 428i 435i

Engines make more power when you're able to move as much air and fuel as possible through them. However, air density is just as important as air volume. Cooler air is denser air, so in addition to keeping your engine cool, it's important to make sure that your intake charge is as cool as possible. Turner Motorsport's upgraded intercooler works to reduce air temperatures with a bare minimum of pressure drop. Less pressure drop means less restriction, and a turbocharger that doesn't have to work as hard. This results not only in a longer service life for your turbocharger, but a substantial increase in performance as well.

The stepped design increases volume and surface are in a limited space by adding an additional smaller core at the top of the intercooler. Both cross sectional area and frontal surface area are increased by a whopping 56%, with a design that still weighs under 20 pounds. On the stock intercooler, the temperature differential between the inlet and outlet sides of the intercooler represented a 95 degree drop. With the Turner Motorsport intercooler, that drop was increased to a chilling 140 degrees. The dyno results don't lie: as a bolt-in upgrade, expect gains of 18 wheel horsepower and 10 lb/ft of torque. With a tune and supporting modifications, further gains are possible, up to 36 horsepower and 28 lb/ft of torque.

This cast aluminum intercooler features an attractive, easy to clean matte black finish, with etched Turner logos on the front and bottom. If you're looking for the ultimate cooling system upgrade for your turbo BMW, look no further.

  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Bar and plate design
  • 56% increase in frontal surface area & cross sectional area
  • Decrease in temperature of 45 degrees from inlet side to outlet side (95 degree drop stock on outlet side vs. 140 degree drop on Turner outlet side)
  • Significantly less restriction (pressure drop of consistently 0.75 psi vs. 1.5-2.5 psi stock)
  • +18HP/10TQ (+36HP/28TQ with tune and supporting mods)
  • Weighs under 20 lbs.
  • Overall size: 520mm wide, 210mm tall
  • Mounting hardware inlcuded

Upgrade to the following OE Intercoolers: 17517600531, 17517600530, 17517618809

Fits the Following BMWs:

F22 F23 228i 228i M235i M235ix

F30 F31 F32 F33 F34 F36 328i 328ix 335i 335ix 428i 428ix 435i 435ix

T#: 557526 | Part#: 024703TMS02
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On Order, ETA Jul 13, 2020
Turner Motorsport Stepped Intercooler - F2x F3x 228i 235i 328i 335i 428i 435i