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BMW E36 M3 Throttle Body Parts

BMW E36 M3 Throttle Body Parts We carry a variety of parts related to BMW throttle bodies and throttle body upgrades. Modern BMWs have electronic throttles that need replacement rather than repair. A malfunctioning unit can disable the car so it's important to pay attention to any fault codes related to the "EML" system. Older mechanical throttles are much more reliable and less prone to any issues. Replacement of any throttle housing is easy and straightforward.

Larger throttle bodies have been advertised for years as a performance upgrade. On their own they will not make any power difference. But combined with other upgrades, such as larger mass air sensors and intakes, they can contribute to power gains. However, we do not currently sell larger throttle bodies. We do offer adapter plates to mount different throttle housings onto your intake manifold. This is most commonly done along with a stand-alone engine management system with or without drive-by-wire control.
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aFe Throttle Body Spacer - E36 M3 The Silver Bullet throttle body spacer creates turbulence in the air flow just prior to entry into the engine increasing horsepower, torque and improving throttle response. In recent dyno testing by aFe, this throttle body spacer produced +4hp and +8lbs. x ft. torque (measured on E36 M3 with S52 engine) . The Silver Bullet throttle body spacers are constructed out of durable T-6061 billet aluminum and using a unique serrated/helix entry to create turbulence at the manifold while eliminating the annoying whistle found in other helix only throttle spacers. Great power per dollar performance.

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1995-1999  E36 BMW  M3
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