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BMW E61 OEM Replacement Brake Rotors & Discs

BMW E61 OEM Replacement Brake Rotors & Discs Turner Motorsport sells replacement rotors for your BMW and MINI. These are a direct replacement for your stock rotors but at better pricing than what you would find at a dealership. These rotors come from Original Equipment Manufacturers or performance alternatives and are made to BMW's own design spec with the same performance, reliability, and longevity as BMW-brand rotors. Our rotors are made by the same suppliers that BMW and other German brands use. Given the importance of brakes we pay extra special attention to the brand and quality of the rotors we are selling. We stick with known and proven brands in the German OEM market - Ate, Balo, Brembo, Centric, Zimmerann, Sebro, Stoptech, and of course, Genuine BMW. Many of the rotors we sell come with a corrosion-inhibiting coating that protects the cast iron from rust. Rotors are priced as pairs unless otherwise noted.
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Rear Brake Rotors - E60 xi - 2004-2010 525xi, 528xi, 530xi, 535xi (pair) This is a pair (2) REAR brake rotors/discs for the All-Wheel-Drive (xDrive) equipped 5 series from 2004 to 2010, including the E60 525xi, 530xi, 528xi and 535xi. The 528 and 535 AWD models are often also called the 528i xDrive and 535i xDrive. These are OEM rear brake rotors, made by an original equipment manufacturer for the highest quality and safety. Includes 2 rear brake rotors -- one left rear brake disc and one right rear brake disc. These E60 xi brake rotors are sold as a pair. Alternate part number 34216763345. 

These REAR brake rotors/discs fit:
2004-2006  E60  525xi and 530xi sedan (AWD)
2004-2006  E61  530xi Touring wagon (AWD)
2007-2008  E60  528xi and 535xi sedan (AWD)
2007-2008  E61  535xi wagon (AWD)
2009-2010  E60  528i xDrive & 535i xDrive sedan (AWD)
2009-2010  E61  535i xDrive wagon (AWD)
Genuine BMW
Part #: 34216864053KT
Price: $199.90 (USD) 
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Front Brake Rotors - E60 5 Series 6 Cyl 525/528/530/535 (Many, See List) (pair) This is a pair (2) front brake rotors/discs (324x30mm) for the E60 525i (**auto only), 525Xi, 530i, 528i, 528xi, and 535xi. Price is for the pair.

We offer a choice of brands to satisfy our customer's stringent quality standards -
Pagid Coated - an OEM type rotor made to the same dimensions and specs as the original design. These rotors have a high carbon content for excellent wear and thermal resistance. We like these rotors a lot because the quality is very high and the entire rotor is dip coated with anti-corrosion layer to prevent rust on the hub and in the cooling vanes, while the Zimmerman are only spray coated.
Zimmermann Coated - an OEM type rotor made to the same dimensions and specs as the original design. These rotors also have a high carbon content. These are high quality and spray coated with anti-corrosion layer to prevent rust on the hub and in the cooling vanes.

These front brake discs / rotors fit:
2004-2005 E60 525i **AUTO ONLY**
2006-2006 E60 525i & 525xi (auto & manual trans)
2004-2006 E60 530i, 530xi, 530xi wagon (All)
2007-2009 E60 528i, 528xi, 528i xDrive (All)
2008-2010 E60 535xi, 535i xDrive
Packaged by Turner
Part #: 34116753221
Price: $132.68 (USD) 
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Stainless Brake Rotor Set Screw (34211161806) - Set Of 4

This is a set of stainless steel brake rotor retaining screws to replace the factory steel screws. As everyone knows, the stock screws will seize in the holes over time. And the shallow recess on the head means the screw is easily stripped. These replacement rotor screws are stainless steel and won't corrode and seize in place.

This is a set of 4 stainless screws. Most BMW rotors take one screw but some M cars after 2001 will take two screws per rotor.

Turner Motorsport
Part #: 34211161806KT
Price: $9.96 (USD) 
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