BMW Service Reset Tools & Fault Code Readers for BMW E9 (1969-1974) 3.0CS

Clear BMW chassis
Fault Code Readers and Diagnostic Scanners put the power of the dealership in your hands. The Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light means something! It's alerting you to a potential problem and a fault code has been stored in the car's internal diagnostic system. You can take the car to the dealer and have the code pulled for you (for a one-time fee) or you can buy one of these code readers and check the trouble code yourself (and any other code that may come up in the future). These diagnostic tools pay for themselves. They are a must for the DIYer or any mechanic. These tools can read and reset trouble codes and reset your maintenance interval settings. A separate tool can also be used to reset the SRS system (separate from the engine diagnostic system). Peake Reset Tools come with a booklet containing instructions and a list of codes.

For newer cars we also sell multi-function scan tools, gauges, and programmers. Reading and resetting Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) are some of the many functions that these handheld and dash-mounted accessories perform. These are the next generation of 'smart' programmers capable of loading new versions of engine software, recording and playback of data, and timing meters.

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