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BMW Racing Brake Pads

Race pads work in the temperature ranges commonly seen from repeated braking from high speeds on the racetrack. It's the repeated hard braking from very high speeds that requires a very special brake pad. Nearly all street and mixed-use pads will become ineffective at serious track speeds. Racing brake pads are made up of metallic, ceramic, and composite materials that better manage escalating temperatures while also providing exceptional braking performance. Race pads work within a prescribed temperature range (usually in excess of 600*F) - seldom seen on the street. Rotor wear, especially when cold, is significantly more than any other pad. These pads also produce a lot of brake dust which is also corrosive to paint finishes (wheels, fenders, etc). However, when in their temperature ranges, these pads stop better than anything else.

Racing brake pads only work well when matched as a front and rear set. We do not recommend using only a front set when on the track. Although in some situations, mixing race compounds can be done to achieve specific results (brake balance, wheel lock-up, turn-in, etc).

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