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Track Safety

Track Safety

If you're like us, then you enjoy taking your vehicle to the track whenever you get a chance. Whether you have a fully built track slayer or if you just enjoy taking your daily driver to autocross events, Turner Motorsport carries what you need to pass tech and, more importantly, keep yourself safe in the event of an accident.


Driving Gloves

Depending on the type of event you are participating in, gloves are often an asset. Constant vibrations transferring from your steering wheel to your hands can cause fatigue, inhibiting driver skill. Keep a firm grip on the wheel and stay at 100% through your event with driving gloves.

Fire Extinguishers & Mounts

Fire extinguishers are necessary in many racing classes. We also offer several fire extinguisher mounting solutions to integrate with your interior nicely.

Harnesses & Harness Accessories

If you are tracking your BMW, racing harnesses are often necessary due to regulations. Additionally, they keep you planted in your seat, making it easier for you to focus on driving rather than keeping yourself in your seat.

Harness Bars & Roll Cages

We sell harness bars to get your harnesses mounted properly. Cages coming soon.

Kill Switches

Does your street legal (or maybe not street legal) racecar need a killswitch? We have you covered here at Turner Motorsport.

Racing Seats

Racing seats are vital to making sure that you stay planted behind the wheel. Seats are one of the most important things to making your racing experience amazing.

Racing Shoes

If you're really serious about racing, get yourself some racing shoes. For the dedicated track enthusiast.

Seat Mounts

We offer various seat mounts to get your racing seats mounted in your BMW track car.

Data & Coaching Tools

Be in control of your performance and monitor your progress on the track!