Schwaben Strut Spring Compressor Set

Professional Spring Compressor Kit  will compress most styles of strut springs. This is a safe and efficient way to compress strut springs. This set is supplied with everything you need to get the job done like a pro. Each jaw has safety lips to eliminate slip and is designed to fit the pitch of the spring to ensure maximum surface contact between the jaws and the spring, thus eliminating the risk of the compressor slipping around the spring. The spindle is driven by a 21mm hex nut and is not designed to be used with a impact gun. Hand turn the nut with a wrench or hand ratchet.


  • Interchangeable jaws are easily changed to correct size for the application
  • Compressor Body Shaft
  • 80-115 mm Yokes
  • 110-150mm Yokes
  • 140-195mm Yokes
  • conical spring adapter 
  • Blow molded case 
  • Maximum jaw opening is 300mm
T#: 383404 | Part#: 013845sch01A
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Schwaben Strut Spring Compressor Set