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BMW Catalytic Converters

Our Catalytic Converters are the same quality construction as OEM but at a third of the cost! These are a direct replacement for the original BMW catalytic converter. These bolt on to your stock exhaust manifold and muffler, no welding required. We offer cats for both pre-OBDII BMW's (pre 1996) and BMW's with OBDII (1996+). We offer both 50 state legal converters and less expensive 49 state versions. Meets all EPA and CARB requirements. A factory warranty is included: 5 year/25,000 for 49 State versions, and 5 years/50,000 miles on 50 State legal versions.

E46 M3 Supersprint Metallic Sport Cat Replacements for US M3 Header
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Part#: 044021
Ships on Jun 19, 2019
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These HJS metallic sport cats for the E46 M3 fit in place of the stock US factory catalytic converters in the header. These are high-flow 100cpsi cats so you get a performance and horsepower improvement while still retaining a catalyst. This makes it perfect for race or track cars that require a 'factory-style' cat in the rules. This Supersprint metallic cat/header is welded to the stock manifold after cutting off the stock cat section.

Supersprint exhaust is widely recognized as the leader in complete exhaust system upgrades - extremely high quality, well designed for optimal flow, and amazing sound. Even at a premium price Supersprint is an unbeatable exhaust system because every aspect is done to such a high level. A Supersprint exhaust rewards you with a terrific sound, long lasting construction and excellent fitment. The Supersprint sound is very 'European' which fits the sporting sophistication of BMWs perfectly. Most systems are also modular - sections can be added or removed to custom tailor the exhaust sound to your preferance. Aside from 'Race' systems, their mufflers meet European noise laws so you get a refined and tuned sound without being excessively loud. Most Supersprint systems are built with larger diameter piping to improve exhaust flow which helps the engine do less work and make more horsepower! Supersprint exhausts generally run at a premium over other systems but no other system on the market can match their quality, performance, or reputation!

Supersprint metallic sport catalytic converters are sourced from HJS of Germany. For 30 years HJS has been supplying motorsports teams with sport cats when rules required them. HJS is now a worldwide leader in sport cat technology and performance. Rally cars, German DTM, and Formula 3 all rely on HJS for clean, reliable horsepower. Supersprint works closely with HJS to spec a catalytic converter that is correct for the vehicle and engine package. This allows for a substantial increase in flow but which, at the same time, keeps the environmental specs within European limits. With any high-flow catalytic converter, special software or other work may be required to keep emissions fault codes and check engine lights from displaying. Supersprint catalytic converters are sold for track and other off-road uses only.

section:manifold downpipes with metallic sport cats

connects to:stock manifold; Supersprint or stock section 1

material:T304 stainless steel

This product modifies (but does not remove or defeat) emissions equipment. For this reason this product may not be CARB compliant, and therefore not emissions legal in some states. Consult local laws and regulations in your area. For more information on this product, feel free to contact our sales department.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1999-2006 E46 BMW M3

Remanufactured Catalytic Converter - Front Position - F2x F3x 228i 320i 328i 428i
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Part#: 18327645666
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This is a remanufactured catalytic converter for your BMW. If a bad catalytic converter has resulted in a failed emissions test, then this part will get you legal again. Price includes $178.10 core charge.

Fits the Following BMWs:

F22 F23 228i 228ix
F30 F31 F34 320i 320ix 328i 328ix
F23 F33 F36 428i 428ix

Genuine BMW Catalyic Converter - E39 M5 - Right - 50 state legal
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Part#: 18301406813KT
Ships in 1 day
Includes $50 core charge that will be refunded once we receive your rebuildable core.

Genuine BMW Catalyic Converter - E39 M5 - Left - 50 state legal
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Part#: 18301406812KT
Ships in 1 day
Includes $50 core charge that will be refunded once we receive your rebuildable core.

Remanufactured Primary Catalytic Converter
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Part#: 18307647042KT
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Genuine BMW Rp-Primary Catalytic Converter - Zyl. 1-3
This item fits the following BMW Chassis:
E82 1M Coupe,E82

Fits BMW Engines including:

Includes $146.90 core charge to be refunded on return of your rebuildable core.

Genuine BMW Exchange Primary Catalytic Converter - 18307647043
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Part#: 18307647043
Ships in 10 Business Days
Free Shipping
Price includes $146.90 core charge.

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