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We sell only OE supplier or approved aftermarket upgrade radiators for your BMW. It seems BMW took some shortcuts when it came to radiator design and used weak materials like plastic for critical connection points. If you are tracking older models like E30, E36, or E46, you probably are well aware of these issues. As these cars age, the plastic pieces become more brittle and failure prone. The solution is to replace with upgraded radiators that perform as upgrades for the original, failure prone radiator to avoid being left on the side of the road or, worse yet, the track.
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E46 M3 Fluidyne / Turner Aluminum Radiator Upgrade
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Part#: FHP13X-01E46M
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+25% capacity

  • Triple-row core (vs double row)
  • Better cooling without increasing overall dimensions
  • All-aluminum construction

This is the new E46 M3 aluminum radiator that we collaborated with FLUIDYNE on. We're taking advantage of FLUIDYNE's new core design that packs much more surface area in a stock-sized core. Instead of the usual two rows of tubes, FLUIDYNE's all-aluminum radiator has three rows of tubes in a core no thicker than the stock radiator. This radiator also has 30% more rows than the stock radiator (55 vs 42). With greater surface area and more efficient use of air flow comes better cooling, especially in the most critical spot where the fins meet the tubes, as this is where most of the heat transfer happens. Where most other aluminum radiators use a thicker core, FLUIDYNE's new packaging solution performs better and fits better in the engine bay with better clearance to other components. A second benefit with this new core is that it minimizes added weight gain, helping to get the car as light - and as fast - as possible.

FLUIDYNE made this easy as this core is no larger than the stock radiator even though it has more capacity. We also had hangers designed to accommodate the factory oil cooler and fan shroud. There has never been a better E46 M3 radiator upgrade than this! For an E46 M3 track or modded street car there should be no reason to ever go back to a stock plastic radiator or compromise on a cheap aluminum radiator. The latest FLUIDYNE is the best there is.

The stock radiator has an aluminum core but with plastic end-tanks and hose connections that become brittle and can leak or crack. You may not even realize your radiator neck is cracked until it's too late and you're stranded on the side of the freeway or unable to continue with your track day. An all-aluminum design does not suffer the defects of similar plastic construction. FLUIDYNE quality is what sets them apart from every other manufacturer. Their radiators feature a high-tech CAB-brazed core construction instead of epoxy (which can leak). All tanks and brackets are TIG welded by hand in the USA. If you plan on owning your BMW for many years to come, or are using it in a situation where failure is NOT an option such as track or racing, then this should be your only option instead of the failure-prone stock radiators.

Some modifications may be needed to to fit this radiator.

  • This radiator fits the following BMWs:
    2001-2006 E46 BMW M3
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E36 Radiator Stay
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Part#: E36RS-1
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These radiator stays are constructed from 6061 Aluminum and are finished in Black to blend into your engine bay. Each stay is a two-piece assembly that clamps onto the core support. This radiator stay upgrade also includes stainless steel hardware required for installation.
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Rubber Bushing Insert for Upper Radiator Bracket - E36 E34
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Part#: 17201719414
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Mission Trading Company is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of European, Japanese and domestic auto parts. With factories around the world producing parts to the most stringent of standards, MTC is there with the parts for your next project.

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Hella Automatic Radiator -- E46 323/325/328/330
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Part#: 17119071519
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This is a Hella brand (OEM supplier to BMW) replacement radiator for all 1999-2006 E46 3 series (non-M), including 323i, 323Ci, 328i, 328Ci, 325i, 325Ci, 330i, 330Ci, and Z4 2.5 and 3.0. Compare to BMW list price of $318! Save big, while still getting the highest quality radiator available for your BMW.

Hella is a premium manufacturer that supplies automotive parts to numerous car brands across the world. Everything from electrical to mechanical genuine parts have been made and supplied directly to BMW before the vehicles ever leave the production floor. Their high quality, long lasting parts have made them a trusted brand chosen to help keep your BMW on the road for many years to come.

As a leading source of high performance BMW parts and accessories since 1993, we at Turner Motorsport are honored to be the go-to supplier for tens of thousands of enthusiasts the world over. With over two decades of parts, service, and racing experience under our belt, we provide only quality performance and replacement parts.  All of our performance parts are those we would (and do!) install and run on our own cars, as well as replacement parts that are Genuine BMW or from OEM manufacturers. We only offer parts we know you can trust to perform!

This radiator fits the follow BMWs::
Only for Automatic Transmission 
1999-2006 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi - Not for cars with M56 engine

2006-2008 E85 E86 Z4 BMW Z4 M Coupe Z4 M Roadster

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