E39 20mm H&R Wheel Adapter Set To Fit E36/E46 Wheels To E39 5-series

20mm = .79"
5/120 bolt pattern; 72.5 center bore
DRA type = spacer fits in between the wheel and the hub. The spacer is bolted to the hub with special bolts (included). Your wheel bolts to the spacer.
Hubcentric = Yes, this spacer comes with a new hubcentric lip for the wheel to rest on

These special 20mm wheel spacers allow an E39 owner to use E36 or E46 wheels on their car. These spacers are the correct 74.0mm center-bore on the inside and 72.5mm center bore on the outside for the wheel to sit on. This spacer will reduce the wheel offset by 20mm. This difference in center bore has left a lot of E39 owners out in the cold when it came to wheel options (especially in the winter). H&R has worked up this easy solution. This is a DRA spacer system - the spacer bolts to the hub with special bolts; your wheel then bolts to the spacer.

Note about E36 and E46 wheels there is a large range in offsets on these wheels. The lowest offset we have seen is 35mm; the highest offset is 49mm. The desired offset for the E39 is 20mm, depending on wheel width. H&R makes these wheel adapters in 15mm and 20mm thicknesses. If your E36/E46 wheel is above 43mm in offset, you will run into the problem of the wheel tucked in too far. When looking at E36/E46 wheels, try to stay in the 35-43mm offset range.

Spacers are sold in pairs (1 axle).

This item fits the following BMWs:
1997-2003 E39 BMW 525i 528i 530i 540i M5
T#: 1600 | Part#: 4075740725
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E39 20mm H&R Wheel Adapter Set To Fit E36/E46 Wheels To E39 5-series