Turbo-Lock Red Threadlocker (2ml Tube)

Threadlocker is essential when doing any work to your car, especially prepping it for the track. Loose bolts should never happen! If you are a do-it-youselfer, or do much wrench turning, then you know about threadlocker (generically known as "locktite" or by the brand name Loctite). You also know a little goes a long way. This small tube of Palm Labs Turbo-Lock red threadlock is perfect for that small job -- or a few small jobs! This tube has 2.0 mL (0.07 fluid ounces) of high-temp, high-strength threadlocker. There are just too many different uses for this, and no mechanic or DIYer, should be without some in his or her toolbox.

Palm Labs Turbo-Lock Series 13-OR Features:
  • color: red/orange
  • Anaerobic Thread-locking Compound
  • permanent
  • high strength
  • high temperature resistant
  • oil resistant
  • primerless
  • acceptable up to 20mm (3/4") bolts

  • Equivalent or superior to Loctite 262.

    MSDS Data Sheet
    Technical Data Sheet
    T#: 2015 | Part#: 13-001-OR
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    Turbo-Lock Red Threadlocker (2ml Tube)