Tire Totes Wheel Felts


  • Protects rims from knicks and scratches
  • Additional level of protection from tire and brake residue for your cloths and vehicle interior
  • One size fits all Tire Tote bags
  • Durable .25" thick felt pad
  • Easy to install
  • Large ventilation hole

Kit Includes: - Two Wheel Felts
If you wish to protect both front and back of thewheel buy one kit per wheel, if you only want to protect the front face ofwheel, buy one kit per pair of wheels.
(Tire Totes sold separately)

1/4" x 20"
Fits with Tire Tote product
(22" through 29" tire)

Turner Motorsport
T#: 32 | Part#: 00037
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Tire Totes Wheel Felts