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E34 530i/540i Turner Motorsport Conforti Performance Chip

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Note:This product is no longer available.

Product Details

Adding a Turner Performance Chip gives you the biggest bang for your buck! Jim Conforti tuned these chips on the dyno to boost mid range torque and increase horsepower in the upper RPM range. Where the stock V8 seems to fall flat above 5500 RPM, the adjusted fuel and spark maps deliver more horsepower to keep the engine pulling all the way up to the new 7000 RPM rev limit*. The best thing is that there is NO downside to installing a TMS Performance Chip. Turner Motorsport has been in the BMW chip business for over 20 years and all chips are dyno-tuned to achieve optimum performance and safety. As an added feature, the top speed limiter is removed. Premium 91+ octane fuel is required.

Turner Performance Chips provide the ultimate in performance advantage! Adding a performance chip to your BMW is the easiest and most cost effective way of increasing BMW power, torque, and performance with NO DOWNSIDES. Through years of BMW performance tuning, we are able to maximize power and torque gains for 91 octane fuel used in North America. By making changes in the ignition and fuel maps of the DME we are able to optimize performance with no side effects or compromises. Other changes will make your BMW smoother and more responsive than when it left the factory. Our chips have a lifetime warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the increase in power and overall drivability you can return the chip to Turner Motorsport for a full refund. Chips are supplied with detailed instructions and are user-installed in about an hour. See below for specific information that we may need from your BMW model.

530i Horsepower Gain:+23 @ 6,000 RPM

530i Torque Gain:+23 @ 3,000 RPM

530i New Rev Limit*7,000

540i Horsepower Gain:+19 @ 6,000 RPM

540i Torque Gain:+33 @ 3,000 RPM

540i New Rev Limit*7,000


Required Vehicle Info

E34 530i/540i 93-94:
Confirm the number "1744050" is on the ECU cover
Transmission: manual or automatic

E34 530i/540i 1995:
Bosch ECU part number, beginning with "0 261"
Confirm the number "1744050" is on the ECU cover
Transmission: manual or automatic
Production date (MM/YY)
Note: the 484 ECU chip will need to be sent to Turner so the EWS code can be copied from it

Click here for an install guide with photos.

* Transmission Note: our chip's increase the engine rev limit set in the DME. The computer for the automatic transmission has its own limiter that restricts engine RPM to preserve the automatic transmission internals. Our chip will still increase horsepower and torque with the automatic but the stock rev limit will remain.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1993-1995 E34 BMW 530i 540i

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Cars produced up to 12/94 production date:

Cars produced from 12/94 production date:

This Part Fits the Following BMWs

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E34 530i M60 3.0L
BMW E34 540i M60 4.0L
*The above product applications have been written by Turner Motorsport. All warranties, product application, fitment, and performance are the responsibility of Turner Motorsport. For additional information see the terms of use.
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