P3 Gauges P3Cars Vent Integrated Data Display and Boost Gauge - E60 5 series 2008-2010 P3-E60-GAUGE-C

P3Cars Vent Integrated Data Display and Boost Gauge - E60 5 series 2008-2010

Multi-Informational Display Blended With Your Factory Dash Vent!

  • Data Display and Recorder - get back the info BMW took away!
  • Fault Code Reader and Clearing - get diagnostics without a trip to the dealer!
  • OEM Appearance and Fitment - integrates seamlessly with your dash; color-matched lighting!
  • Plug & Go Install! - installs in as little as 30 minutes!

  • The P3Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface (vidi) is the data display you've always wanted. It simply plugs in to the OBD communication port - no modifications or re-wiring needed at all! Pop out your stock air vent, run the data cables through the dash, reinstall the vent with the new display and you're done! The P3 gauge reads and interprets data available from the OBD port and displays it in realtime. Data that was previously only available with advanced factory diagnostic tools is now literally at your fingertips. On newer models BMW took away gauges and information displays and now you can get that information back! Use the data stream to evaluate your engine performance, acceleration and braking improvements from modifications, cooling system performance, battery condition, and more. Use the data to spot signs of trouble before it's too late. You can record and play back 15 seconds of data for analysis. It also works as a diagnostic trouble code display and has a clear function for resetting the codes. Auxiliary inputs also included so you can read actual boost on supercharged or turbo engines (t-connector and vacuum line included). This makes it the perfect companion to JB or other piggyback modules so you can display the actual boost instead of reading the incorrect value from the OBD port.

    The whole kit is installed in the original left-side air vent housing. You can order it two ways - the basic display for a DIY install in your original vent (easy!) or pre-installed in a new OE BMW vent (easier!). Wit the cables and hardware tucked away behind the dash there is no trace of the P3 gauge's aftermarket installation. It's so well-integrated that it looks like a factory BMW part! It's color-matched to your existing gauges and has a dimmer feature. The entire kit is totally reversible. The P3 uses the car's existing OBD communication port, which is the same one used by dealerships, shops, and state inspection stations so just unplug the connector when access to the OBD port is required.

    Analog Features. The P3 gauge is equipped with three analog inputs which allows you to add other sensors and more data. For instance, if you wanted to display Air/Fuel readings you can use an analog line to your AFR wideband sensor in the exhaust. Or fluid temps from the transmission, differential, etc. You can also read before/after intercooler temps or just about anything else you can imagine. The P3 gauge becomes your own custom dash just like a race car. Additional parts and gauge configuration will be required when using any analog inputs. The P3 wiring works with any analog 0-5V sensor which is the standard among universal sensors.

    30-day Money Back Guarantee - if you're not in love with the P3 gauge like we are, send it back for a full refund (less shipping costs)
    One year warranty - covers you from defects for one year

    For further information, visit our P3 Gauge page.

    Data Displays
    Intake Air Temp
    Exhaust Gas Temp
    Coolant Temp
    Ignition Timing
    Throttle Opening
    Uncorrected Speed
    Uncorrected RPM
    Programmable Shift Light
    Battery Voltage
    0-60, 0-100 Timing
    60-0, 100-0 Timing

    P3 Gauge Demo:

    The P3 Gauge Install Guide:

    This item fits the following BMWs:
    2008-2010 E60 BMW 528i 528xi 528i xDrive 535i 535xi 535i xDrive 550i M5
    Only for left hand drive models.
    T#: 340368 | Part#: P3-E60-GAUGE-C
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    P3Cars Vent Integrated Data Display and Boost Gauge - E60 5 series 2008-2010