Bosch 24 lb Fuel Injector

The 24 LB Bosch blue-top injector is used in many high performance vehicles which require a good amount of fuel. This fuel injector is most commonly used on Ford Mustangs, and other domestic V8's, which require a healthy amount of fuel. This is a genuine Bosch fuel injector and sold individually, so be sure to order enough for your application.

We use this particular Bosch injector on modified E36 M3 BMWs, which require more fuel to balance the air/fuel ratio after adding modifications such as cold air intake, cams, headers, etc. During our own testing we found the stock BMW injectors reach their limits with only a few modifications (intake, HFM, and basic chip). Anything more than these basic upgrades and you will need larger injectors. In the packages and kits we have developed we found the 24# pound fuel injector to be ideal � not too large and not too small. With the correct software you can run your engine without fear of the mixture being too lean. This is the fuel injector we use in our 3.2 OBD-II kits as well as in our 3.0/3.2 OBD-I systems. This injector, and the software we have developed when using them, are designed for the E36 M3 BMWs only (We have not seen a reason to use them on a E36 325 or 328).

The original �24lb injector� that was common for E36 M3s since 1995 has been harder and harder to find. While once common in the BMW and other tuning markets, they are no longer produced new by Bosch in the original spec. In order to maintain the balance in our tuning programs we have sourced refurbished 24lb blue top injectors that have been cleaned and flow-tested to be of the correct spec and matching to the software in our packages. There are other injectors out there but vary slightly in spec and we wanted to remain as true to the original tuning work that we did.

Note: you should never use a fuel injector that is not properly calibrated to your engine with the proper software! Doing so can seriously damage the engine, ECU, or injectors.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1995-1998 E36 BMW M3 - Manual Transmission Only
1998-2000 Z3 BMW M Roadster M Coupe
T#: 3456 | Part#: 24LBINJ-4V-M
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Bosch 24 lb Fuel Injector