E92 M3 Borla ATAK Exhaust - Rear Mufflers

Section: rear mufflers
Installation: slip-on
Tip Style: quad round 90mm Borla angle cut
Power Gain: +8hp

This is the most aggressive muffler section that Borla produces for the E90/E92 M3. Their ATAK system - Acostically Tuned Applied Kinetics - allows a very high volume without drone and distortion. This is beyond your the usual 'muscle car' sound - this is full blown automotive thunder! Borla manages the sound waves inside the exhaust to produce an exhaust note that maintains its tone as revs rise. With ATAK, the sound output is tuned like a graphic equalizer to shape and focus sound waves for optimum high-volume output. This exclusive technology produces the highest available dB (decibel) levels in the Borla street-legal lineup, and is designed for high-performance purists who prefer exhaust notes over their stereos. For an exhaust that really emphasizes the M3's motorsport background this is THE exhaust system.

Every Borla is made with 304 stainless steel for the internals and muffler body. Unlike other systems that can use coated aluminum, mild steel, or 409 stainless, the Borla uses true 304 stainless on the inside as well as the outside. This prevents the muffler from rusting and deteriorating from the inside out. Borla guarantees every muffler with a 1,000,000 mile warranty. Turner Motorsport has been the leading Borla dealer for BMW exhausts since we sold our first system in 1996, including using Borla Exhausts on every Turner BMW racecar.

This Borla Exhaust fits the following BMW models:
2008-2012 E92 BMW M3 coupe
2008-2012 E93 BMW M3 cabrio
T#: 4520 | Part#: 11802
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E92 M3 Borla ATAK Exhaust - Rear Mufflers