F30 328i Brake Package Differences - Stock, M Sport, and M Performance

Revised 12/9/14
Four different brake options were offered for the 2012+ F30 328i/iX and F32 428i/iX - the stock factory (what the car came with), M Sport trim package, M Sport Brakes upgrade, and M Performance accessory upgrade. There are two brake specifications labeled as "M Sport" and they are completely different. The M Sport option is made more confusing with misinformation spread around the web, Real OEM, and even BMW's ETK. And most of the information out there is for the 335i M Sport brakes, which are different than the 328i. The 320i and 320d were never offered the M Sport Brakes upgrade for the US market. Most of the components in the M Performance accessory kits were shared among all models.

Click the banner below that matches your current brake setup. If in doubt please e-mail us a picture of your brakes and your VIN so we can look up what the car was originally built with.

My car has grey calipers.
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My car has painted Brembo calipers.
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