F30 335i Brake Package Differences - Stock, M Sport, and M Performance

Revised 12/9/2014
There were 5 factory brake options on the 2012+ F30 335i - the standard brakes, M Sport trim package, multiple M Sport upgrade options, and an M Performance accessory retrofit. And further variations for the Canadian and European sales markets. As we found in our research and testing, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation on the Web, RealOEM, and even BMW's own ETK related to which parts go with which package. BMW further confused things by offering different options in the USA versus Canada and Europe. That's right - Canada had some slightly different brake options than in the USA. The M Sport name is also very confusing because there was an M Sport trim package (code P337A, $3,000) and an M Sport brake upgrade (code S2NH/S2NHA, $350-650) that were entirely different. To hopefully clear things up for everyone, we put this page together. This page currently only applies to the 335i models - the 435i came out two years later and is much better organized. We have a separate page for the 320i/328i which you can find here.

First, you have to know which brake package you have. As odd as that sounds BMW did not make things clear enough at the time the car was built. Factor in the country/region differences and the similarities in the package names themselves (M Sport vs M Performance) and it may not be obvious which brake option is on your car. BMW also equipped all 335s with a 4-piston front caliper made by Brembo. So saying your car has "Brembo brakes" does not narrow it done enough, unfortunately. It's very helpful if you have your original build sheet or window sticker. But if not we may be able to look up your options via the VIN.

To help identify which brake package you have we have categorized them by caliper color. Click on the blue banners below.

My car has grey calipers.
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My car has blue calipers.
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My car has red, yellow-gold, or orange calipers.
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stock F30 328i brakes

stock F30 335i brakes
grey/unfinished Brembo

335i M Sport brakes
blue Brembo caliper

F30 M Performance brakes
red Brembo shown

If in doubt please e-mail us a picture of your brakes and your VIN so we can look up what the car was originally built with.

For the front caliper, the brake pads are all the same. Even though BMW has different part numbers for the pads and for the calipers, the pads are all the same shape and size. Only the compound changes between part numbers. This is unusual because most big brake kits will use a different pad. But with the F30 calipers the pad remained the same. See the photos below for comparisons. Here is the pad breakdown along with some notes on the differences:
Package Part Number Notes
US stock/base 34106859067 performs with low bite and low brake dust levels
M Sport
Euro stock/base
lots of initial bite but also lots of dust; performance drivers will like this pad a lot but daily drivers will probably dislike the amount of dust from them; if you were unhappy with the brake feel in your stock setup you can swap the M Sport pads in for an immediate improvement.
M Performance Kit 34116859066 low dust and low feel; a lot of M Performance customers have been put off by the pads that came with this kit - they're dull feeling and totally out of character with what they expected. In this case we recommend using the M Sport pads with more bite.
Centric Semi-Metallic 104.16090 a street pad with good initial bite and feel but with very low levels of brake dust
StopTech Street Performance 309.16090 a sport pad designed for aggressive street use. These are similar to the M Sport/Euro pads where they have a lot of bite and a very high temperature rating but need a little bit of heat from aggressive driving to work best.
Pagid race pads U4931 race pads are super aggressive and produce more braking torque than what a typical street pad is designed to create. They are also engineered to withstand the heat in a racing environment. Special materials are used to ensure the pads won't fade or come apart at the extreme temperatures found on a racetrack (over 1,000 degrees F). Race pads like the Pagid Yellow shown below will give phenomenal braking performance but because of the specialized materials they should be avoided for street use.

How did BMW use the same pad for a larger brake rotor? Yes, the overall rotor diameter is larger on the M Sport and M Performance packages. But look closely and you'll see the swept area of the rotor (the section that the pad actually touches) is the same. The 30mm of additional size comes from expanding the center hub. There is more material on the brake rotor hat which gives it the additional diameter.

The F80 M3/F82 M4 use the same pad shape as the M Sport/M Performance brakes.

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