F30 335i Brake Package Differences - Stock, M Sport, and M Performance

Revised 12/9/2014
There were 5 factory brake options on the 2012+ F30 335i - the standard brakes, M Sport trim package, multiple M Sport upgrade options, and an M Performance accessory retrofit. And further variations for the Canadian and European sales markets. As we found in our research and testing, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation on the Web, RealOEM, and even BMW's own ETK related to which parts go with which package. BMW further confused things by offering different options in the USA versus Canada and Europe. That's right - Canada had some slightly different brake options than in the USA. The M Sport name is also very confusing because there was an M Sport trim package (code P337A, $3,000) and an M Sport brake upgrade (code S2NH/S2NHA, $350-650) that were entirely different. To hopefully clear things up for everyone, we put this page together. This page currently only applies to the 335i models - the 435i came out two years later and is much better organized. We have a separate page for the 320i/328i which you can find here.

First, you have to know which brake package you have. As odd as that sounds BMW did not make things clear enough at the time the car was built. Factor in the country/region differences and the similarities in the package names themselves (M Sport vs M Performance) and it may not be obvious which brake option is on your car. BMW also equipped all 335s with a 4-piston front caliper made by Brembo. So saying your car has "Brembo brakes" does not narrow it done enough, unfortunately. It's very helpful if you have your original build sheet or window sticker. But if not we may be able to look up your options via the VIN.

To help identify which brake package you have we have categorized them by caliper color. Click on the blue banners below.