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BMW E10 2002 M05 2.0L Parts

The type 114 chassis saw an incredible number of variants through its development, but none more solidified BMW's ability to combine sheer driving pleasure and performance with a convenient package than the 2002. While the 1600 Neue Klasse and Bavaria hold their own place in BMW's history, the 2002 was developed like so many success stories almost by accident. Two lead BMW designers both fitted 2-liter M10 engines to their 1600-02 type 114's, and had that moment of realization that the car was now sporty enough to compete in America. The legend of the 2002 was born and it led BMW to shift their focus to equal parts pure performance and luxury utility. Every BMW since has retained some facet or reference to the 2002, but none will match the direct connection and sensation experienced when behind the wheel of the true grandfather of the modern sports coupe. 2002s are special, truly. That's why owners and enthusiasts work tirelessly to maintain, modify, improve, and continue to enjoy what can be called BMW's greatest achievement. Our intention is to make enthusiasts like us have the easiest time in finding their parts and knowing they will fit, so we have gathered all relevant maintenance and performance upgrades by category here so you can quickly and easily find everything your 2002 needs all in one place.