M Sport Wheel Emblem (Genuine BMW) 18mm x 10mm

This self-adhesive backed emblem features the iconic BMW M logo and is used on all of the factory M Sport wheels, such as original M3 wheels, M5 wheels, M6 wheels, and many M wheels offered for non-M cars, such as the 740i Sport, and 330i sport & zhp packages (and others). Replace those missing or damaged ///M emblems with NEW factory fresh ones. It only takes a few seconds. Simply peel off the backing paper, and stick them on your wheels. These are the Genuine BMW emblems (not the shoddy / illegal knock-offs you'll find offered elsewhere for nearly the same price). These are sold individually, so be sure to order enough for all of your wheels (and your tool box!)

Installation Tip: We suggest cleaning the surface you are sticking this wheel emblem to before adhering it. This ensures the adhesive makes a tight bond, and your new M wheel emblems won't be going anywhere.
T#: 1129 | Part#: 36112228660
Part#: 36-11-2-228-660
Part#: 36 11 2 228 660
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M Sport Wheel Emblem (Genuine BMW) 18mm x 10mm