Centric Posi Quiet Brake Pads - Front - F22 M235i, F30 335i, F32 435i

Centric Posi Quiet Brake pads surpass the braking performance of stock pads but do it with far less dust. This semi-metallic pad compound is very easy to use on the street with excellent feel and initial bite and low noise. But the best thing we like with these pads is how little dust they produce. You will be amazed at how little dust there is on your wheels after a week of use. These are a great replacement pad for fans of the discontinued PBR Metal Master Pads.

These pads fit a wide range of F30/F32 brakes. These pads will work in any F30 that has the factory 4-piston Brembo calipers on the front (328/428 M Sport S2NHA, base 335/435, M Sport 335/435, and all M Performance).

There are many variations of F30 brake packages so we encourage every F30 owner to visit our brake FAQ pages -

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Position: both front calipers.

This item fits the following BMWs with their stock braking systems:
2014+ F22 BMW M235i M235iX
2012+ F30 BMW 335i 335xi - Sedan
2014+ F32 BMW 435i 435iX - Coupe
2014+ F33 BMW 435i 435iX - Convertible
2014+ F34 BMW 335iX - Gran Turismo
2014+ F36 BMW 435i 435iX - Gran Coupe

This item fits the following BMWs with the S2NHA M Sport brake option:
2014+ F22 BMW 228i 228iX
2012+ F30 BMW 328i 328xi - Sedan
2012+ F31 BMW 328i 328iX - Wagon
2014+ F32 BMW 428i 428iX - Coupe
2014+ F33 BMW 428i 428iX - Convertible
2014+ F34 BMW 328i 328iX - Gran Turismo
2014+ F36 BMW 428i 428iX - Gran Coupe

This item also fits all F30 BMWs with the M Performance accessory upgrade.

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Centric Posi Quiet Brake Pads - Front - F22 M235i, F30 335i, F32 435i