E30 325i M20 Intermediate Shaft Bearing

The intermediate shaft bearings are located in the engine block (an inner and outer bearing). The intermediate shaft is driven from the timing belt and spins the oil pump shaft. Whenever the engine is torn down and the block is chemically or thermally cleaned these bearings will need to be replaced. The bearings must be sized with the intermediate shaft! The bearing surfaces must be machined to the correct tolerance for the block and shaft! You must make your engine builder aware of this before final assembly.

Note: these bearings must be machined for the shaft and block.

M20 block uses inner and outer bearings but the bearings are the same part numbers.

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Genuine BMW
T#: 30607 | Part#: 11111264196
Part#: 11-11-1-264-196
Part#: 11 11 1 264 196
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E30 325i M20 Intermediate Shaft Bearing