Rear Differential Mounts - Turner Solid Aluminum - E46 M3

For our Grand-Am Cup E46 M3s we wanted a fully solid differential mount setup. The advantages of a fully-solid aluminum set is that they last forever, quickens response in the suspension, and frees up horsepower to the wheels. These fully solid aluminum diff mounts are CNC machined and lightened for a direct replacement of the original rubber pieces.

By substituting aluminum for rubber we can take out all of the deflection and 'wind up' inherent to the original rubber pieces. The high deflection rate of the stock rubber means the suspension reacts slower as the bushing is compressed. The power used to compress that bushing is instead passed straight to the axles and wheels. And since there is no time lost to deflection, response is greatly improved. These diff mounts are only recommended for racecars since the aluminum transfers more noise and vibration.

This is a 3-piece set with a single front bushing and two rear bushings to press into the cover. They mount with the stock BMW hardware.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2001-2006 E46 BMW M3
T#: 337 | Part#: TDR4680035
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Rear Differential Mounts - Turner Solid Aluminum - E46 M3