OEM Bosch Ignition Coil - Most 2003+ E46 E39 E60 E63 E65 X3 X5 Z4


This is the OEM Bosch ignition coil that is the current replacement for most BMW 6 and 8-cylinder engines built since 2003. It's listed as a replacement coil for M54, M56, S54, N52, N54, N62, N63, N73, S63, S63TU and other engines. BMW has made numerous changes to ignition coil part numbers in recent years but has approved this part number to work in the vehicles listed in our fitments tab. This part number replaces previous BMW part numbers 12130390064, 12130148594, 12131712219, and 12137551260.

Ignition coils are key to the efficiency and performance of your BMW. With a faulty coil the spark plug is not burning the air/fuel mixture properly and that can lead to problems anywhere in the engine and exhaust (including catalytic converters and O2 sensors). Problems with one or more coils will cause a fault code but not always a check engine light. A misfire code may be related to an ignition coil but could be from other things as well. Sometimes a visual inspection of a coil and coil boot will give an indication of a failure. You can also move coils around to different cylinder banks to see if the misfire code follows a suspect coil. We suggest always having one or two coils on hand to keep as spares.

This Bosch part also satisfies BMW's service bulletin for 2001-2003 E46 M3 ignition coils (SIB 12 24 05). That SIB calls for Bremi or ERA brand coils but BMW has replaced them with this Bosch design.

Bosch is one of the largest OEM producers of Genuine BMW and aftermarket parts in the world, providing parts for almost every major automotive manufacturer. Bosch has likely supplied many of the original electrical (and mechanical) parts for your BMW. Thanks to their quality, high durability, and reliability, you should expect a long service life from Bosch products.

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Sold per coil. Includes connecting boot.

T#: 340644 | Part#: 12137594937
29.50 $29.50
OEM Bosch Ignition Coil - Most 2003+ E46 E39 E60 E63 E65 X3 X5 Z4