Packaged by Turner E36 M3 96-99 Stage 1 Turner Motorsport Performance Package TMS-I3MS41

E36 M3 96-99 Stage 1 Turner Motorsport Performance Package

1996-99 E36 M3 Stage 1 Performance Package
Peak Power Gain: +10whp / +10wft-lbs
Rev limit: 7000
Octane: 91 or higher

Stage 1 Performance Package includes:
aFe Cold Air Intake (high-flow filter, heat-blocking coated filter shield, molded intake tube)
Conforti Shark Injector performance software

Our base Stage 1 kit featuring a cold-air intake kit and matching performance software. The aFe air filter benefits from a heat blocking shield - drawing cool air from the factory intake ducts to feed the engine. aFe uses an oiled cotton air filter for maximum air flow and excellent filtration. The kit is supplied complete with heat shield, intake tube, sealing materials, hardware, and install instructions.

The software is also Conforti-tuned and supplied with the Shark Injector software loader. The Shark Injector is a do-it-yourself reflash tool that plugs into the diagnostic plug in the engine bay. With the push of a button, it will copy your stock software and reflash your computer with the performance tune. You can set it back to stock at any time by following the same procedure.

Both of these items are packaged and tuned to work together. They provide a solid performance boost with a low upfront cost. For an excellent 'bang for the buck' upgrade, the software and intake are a great choice. This Package can be upgraded to Stage 2 by adding the larger HFM, "24lb" fuel injectors, a larger air intake kit, and Stage 2 software.

Related Upgrades -
Underdrive Power Pulley Kit - Underdriving means each component is moving slower which requires less power. The saved horsepower is put back to the engine where it transfers to power at the wheels. Power gains are typically 10hp at the wheels.
Exhaust - Borla or Corsa cat-back muffler for more performance, lighter weight, and a more-aggressive sound. Expect a gain of 5whp with either of these exhausts.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1996-1999 E36 M3 (manual transmission)
1996-1999 E36 M3 (automatic transmission)
T#: 4158 | Part#: TMS-I3MS41
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E36 M3 96-99 Stage 1 Turner Motorsport Performance Package