Battery Charger - 12-Volt 80/20/5/2 Amp With Engine Start

If you're planning on using the Shark Injector to add performance engine software to your BMW, a battery charger such as this one is required. The charger supplements the vehicle battery and provides uninterrupted power during the flashing process. This charger comes with a 20A boost mode for 30 minutes which should be enough time to complete the Shark Injector installation. Other chargers with manual power and timer controls are also acceptable (most shops will have a suitable charger for flashing vehicles).

Click here for more information on Shark Injector OBD-II performance software.

  • multiple convenient charging modes
  • 2-6 amp trickle charge mode
  • 10 amp standard charge mode
  • 20 amp boost mode
  • 80 amp engine crank assist mode
  • fully automatic trickle charge
  • on-board circuit breaker protection
  • LED status indicators
  • engine cranking assist
  • UL certified

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    T#: 567704 | Part#: 90-620
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    Battery Charger - 12-Volt 80/20/5/2 Amp With Engine Start