E30 M3 Turner Motorsport Oil Pan Baffle Kit

A MUST for every E30 M3! This is the first and most important modification you should make! During hard cornering/long sweeping corners the engine oil moves up the sides of the oil pan causing oil starvation! Oil starvation is a very common cause of engine failure in E30 M3's without a baffle. Our easy to install oil pan baffle kit keeps the oil near the pick-up and therefore reduces oil starvation. Our baffle along with the engine oil filled up 1 pint above the top mark on the dipstick with a quality synthetic oil will help insure a long lasting M3 motor. This baffle is a one piece unit, not a modified, welded stock baffle. No core charge! Includes detailed instructions. Lower oil pan gasket included. Installs in about 1 hour.
T#: 808 | Part#: TEN3031B30-Group
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E30 M3 Turner Motorsport Oil Pan Baffle Kit