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3-series Rear Suspension Mount Package - Solid Race Bushings - E46 M3

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Rear Suspension Mounts With No Flex or Deflection for Improved Handling, Response, and Long Life
Building a track-only or racecar means swapping out the flexible rubber bushings and mounts for non-distorting solid pieces. The stock rubber bushings have serious drawbacks when used hard on the racetrack - they wear out quickly, and the flexible material allows extreme changes in alignment. Switching to solid bushings will eliminate the deflection and flex, keeping the suspension motions in their intended alignment and providing more feedback to the driver. On the E46 M3, solid bushings can help prevent rear subframe failure as the sheetmetal chassis will no longer flex along with the rubber mount. Depending on the bushing's intended purpose, the material we use is either aluminum or Delrin. Delrin is a dense plastic material that has almost zero deflection and long life. It's self-lubricating so it won't ever need grease or lube. All of our bushings are designed by our in-house R&D engineers and tested on our various racing cars, with many used in professional racing series around the world.

If you're building a car for a racing class, the parts and materials you can change to are specified in the rules. Consult your rulebook or tech steward for any clarification. As these bushings have no play or deflection in them, they are not intended for street-focused cars - they do not absorb impacts and vibration like rubber will.

We offer bushings for the following suspension points -
subframe mounts x 4 (aluminum)
inner-upper control arm bushings x 2 (aluminum with bearing)
differential mounts x 3 (1 Delrin, 2 aluminum)
outer upper/lower control arm bushings x 4 (OE-spec replacements) (steel with bearing)
trailing arm bushings (RTABs) x 2 (aluminum with bearing or Delrin)
suggested: front control arm bushings (FCABs) (Delrin)
suggested: rear shock mounts (RSMs) x 2 (aluminum with bearing)

Note 1: there is also a inner-lower camber arm bushing. We never developed a solid bushing for this point because every racing class allows adjustable camber arms to be used in this location and we offer those with solid inner bushings.
Note 2: some racing classes require a non-bearing bushing for the rear trailing arm bushings. In cases like this, we use a Delrin bushing.
Note 3: the outer upper and lower bushings are already a monoball-style bearing from the factory on all M3 models. They are a great design and last a long time. We offer them here as direct replacements.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2001-2006 E46 BMW M3 M3 CSL

Kit Contents

Description Qty
OEM Lemforder Rear Outer Upper or Lower Trailing Arm Ball Joint - E36, E46, X3, Z4 4
Turner Motorsport Monoball Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - Race 1
Rear Subframe Bushings/Mount Set - Turner Solid Aluminum - E46/E46 M3, Z4/Z4 M 1
Rear Differential Mounts - Turner Solid Aluminum - E46 M3 1
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