E46 M3 Coupe Factory Replacement Rear Springs (Each)


The rear springs on the 2001-2006 E46 M3 models have a chronic broken spring problem. If it hasn't happened to you yet it will. Springs are nothing more than exposed steel and they rust easily. After a while a section of the spring actually breaks off.

A broken spring is very dangerous - the spring is no longer mounted correctly in the suspension and it cannot support the weight of the car, especially when cornering. The ride also suffers as the suspension is no longer able to absorb the bumps and impacts from the road. Aside from a visual inspection of the spring itself you might notice a clunking sound or banging noise coming from the front or rear. An inspection of the noise should also include other related items in the suspension: bushings, ball joints, links, mounts, etc. We also recommend replacing the rubber spring pads on the top and bottom of the spring because they lose their shape over time.

The factory BMW springs sell for $140+ each. We sold and replaced enough while working in New England that we were able to get a strong grasp of the issue and come up with our own springs that are an improvement over the factory springs in every way. These springs are made in Germany using high grade spring steel that is then shot-peened for longer life and powder-coated for protection. These are the same height as the stock replacement BMW springs which makes them a direct replacement.

Sold only as a pair. Replaces Coupe models only.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2001-2006 E46 BMW M3 Coupe

Turner Motorsport
T#: 211209 | Part#: E46M3-R-SPRINGS
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E46 M3 Coupe Factory Replacement Rear Springs (Each)