Turner BMW 7.5mm Front Wheel Spacers

7.5MM (.30 inch) Wheel Spacer with Hub Extender for BMW E24, E28, E30 M3, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E46, Z3, Z4

Wheel spacers are the ideal solution to resolve a number of fitment and aesthetic problems. A spacer fits between the wheel and the hub assembly. The wheel will be pushed further outboard by the thickness of the spacer. Spacers allow you to correct wheel offset issues when the wheel is too 'tucked in' to the bodywork, clear the wheel from contact with the suspension or inner bodywork, clear larger brakes, improve handling and stability by increasing track width, or simply to get the right look and stance. Our wheel spacers are compatible with almost any type of BMW wheel and are a direct fit to the wheel hub (see below for any fitment notes). Longer wheel bolts or wheel studs are required.

These latest generation of the Turner Motorsport Wheel Spacers represent a total redesign of the wheel spacer concept - a ground-up, clean sheet design based on our years of BMW service and motorsports. We took everything we have learned from our service technicians, customers, and race team crew and built the spacer to beat all spacers. We've been in the BMW wheel spacer business probably longer than anybody and when it came time to make our own spacers, a basic spacer design just wouldn't do. We had to make a spacer that is light weight (for lower unsprung mass), has a tough and durable coating to last through our New England winters, is easily removed (your mechanic will thank you), and is precisely engineered and manufactured for a proper fit on the hub and in the wheel. You won't find a better engineered wheel spacer on the market!

We make 7.5mm spacers to achieve the perfect fitment you have been looking for when 5mm was too small but there wasn't enough room to fit a 10mm. Fitment of a 7.5mm spacer posed a challenge, however, as the stock hub lip sticks out by 9-11mm. This would not leave enough room on the lip for the wheel to rest on. The solution was this ground breaking Hub Extender that is pressed into the hub in place of the stock dust cap. The Hub Extender is another 10mm of mounting surface for the wheel to securely rest on. No special tools and no welding is requried - simply tap it into place. Hub Extenders only work on the front hub because the rear hub is tapered (narrows down) and it will not work on AWD models because the front axle sticks through the hub. A Turner Motorsport exclusive!

Turner Wheel Spacer Features+ hub-centric design when used with our hub extenders+ precise tolerance fitment thanks to CAD process and CNC mill machine+ aerospace grade aluminum � light weight but very strong with a high resistance to corrosion+ additional military-spec hardcoat for further corrosion resistance+ innovative Quick Release pockets for easy removal (better than a chamfered back edge)+ laser engraved size and part number for easy identification+ stealthy anthracite or black color+ optional extended bolt sets in factory-matching black or bright silver finish (wheel stud kits also available)+ Turner Motorsport track and street tested!+ Made in the USA
Wheel Spacer Tech & FAQHow To Measure for SpacersWheel Spacer Encyclopedia - everything you wanted to know
Spacer Specsbolt pattern: 5 x 120center bore: 72.6mmhubcentric? yeswheel pad size: normal
Extended Wheel Bolts Required for all BMW wheel spacers is a set of longer wheel bolts or wheel studs. Spacers cannot be used with stock bolts. Our extended lug bolts are a very high quality and high grade steel lug bolt (grade 10.9). We offer two finishes to get you just the right look with your wheels - black zinc to maintain a factory BMW appearance or a bright zinc nickel finish to go with polished wheels. Zinc finishes are designed to withstand 700 hours of salt spray testing.

Hub extenders are also available separately. Click here.

Wheel Limitations. Special consideration needs to be taken since wheel design and manufacture differ from brand to brand. The key dimension is the dept of the center bore. Some wheels won't work with larger spacers and a Hub Extender because of the additional protrusion into the center bore. Please measure your wheel to make sure it can accommodate an extra 2.5-5mm of hub extending into the center bore. Click here for a diagram.

Hub Limitations. BMW has multiple hub designs but not all are compatible with our Hub Extenders. The inside lip of the hub must be flat and smooth for at least 13mm (the depth our Extender fits into the hub). Some BMW hubs have a bowl shape or have tapered inside walls which will prevent the Hub Extender from seating all the way. Remove the hub dust cap to check before opening your Turner Hub Extenders.

+ Year & Model Applications(click to expand) 1988-1991 E30 BMW M3
1992-1998 E36 BMW 318i 318is 318ti 318ic 323is 323ic 325i 325is 325ic 328i 328is 328ic M3
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 328i 328ci 330i 330ci M3
1982-1988 E28 BMW 524td 528e 533i 535i 535is M5
1989-1995 E34 BMW 525i 530i 535i 540i M5
1982-1989 E24 BMW 633csi 635csi M6
1988-1994 E32 BMW 735i 735il 740i 740il 750il
1995-2001 E38 BMW 740i 740il 750il
1990-1999 E31 BMW 840i 840ci 850i 850ci 850csi
1997-2002 Z3 BMW Z3 1.9 Z3 2.3 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 3.0i M Roadster M Coupe
2003-2008 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z4 3.0si Z4 M Roadster M Coupe
T#: 89 | Part#: TWH9905003-K
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Turner BMW 7.5mm Front Wheel Spacers