BMW Exhaust Gaskets Hangers and Parts for BMW 8 Series E31 (1991-1997)

Clear BMW chassis
Exhaust systems are typically split among multiple sections and each section has its own form of fasteners and attachment points. The gaskets, hangers, and seals that join each section together should be replaced any time the exhaust is removed. As the exhaust is tightened together the gaskets and seals are crushed or deformed to form a tight seal. Re-using them is possible but greatly opens up the potential for an exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks can lead to a number of major and minor problems including power loss, check engine faults, and noise issues. Replacing your hangers and gaskets will ensure you don't have to take the exhaust down all over again.
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Gold Heat Reflective Tape - 2" x 15'
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Part#: HEA-GWRAP-15
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Constructed of laminated light-weight glass cloth, this gold reflective heat tape is designed to reflect 80% of radiant heat. With excellent pliability, this tape is easy to install. It's as simple as peel and stick. 


Key Features:

  • Can handle temperatures up to 850 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • UV resistant 
  • Light weight easy to apply 
  • Protect sensitive engine components 
  • Cut to size 
  • Engine accent/dress up
Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap - Black - 2" x 50'
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