Fuel System Tools for BMW X Series E53 (2000-2006)

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Service your BMW fuel system correctly with the recommended tools for the job. Our offered O-Ring tools and other specialty service equipment are gathered on this page for you to confidently tackle your fuel system maintenance or modification.
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Schwaben BMW / MINI Fuel Sensor Lock Ring Tool
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Part#: 020018SCH01A
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The fuel pump is held in to the tank with a retaining lock ring. Most people would take an extension or punch and tap out the ring with a hammer. But that's the wrong way to do it. You could damage the lock ring, or worse, the tank itself. This handy tool is toothed to match the lock ring and takes a standard 1/2 drive ratchet or small extension. Twist the ratchet and the lock ring comes un-done cleanly and smoothly. A hefty tool that pays for itself over and over. Fits most BMWs from 1988-2013.