Packaged by Turner for BMW X Series E53 (2000-2006)

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Upgrade / Replacement Water Pump Pulley - E46 E39 Z3
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This is the stock water pump pulley that mounts between the engine fan and the water pump. We have seen these plastic or composite pulleys crack around the mounting bolt holes. If left un-noticed the whole pulley can fall apart which will immediately disable the car and possibly leave you stranded. It can also break while performing other work around it such as removing the fan, replacing the water pump, or even just replacing the belt. Replacing this pulley while doing the water pump can be a good preventative measure.

This item fits the following BMWs:
1999-2005 E46 BMW 323i 323ci 325i 325ci 325xi 328i 328ci 330i 330ci 330xi
1999-2003 E39 BMW 525i 528i 530i
2004-2010 E60 BMW 525i 530i
2004-2006 E83 BMW X3 2.5i X3 3.0i
2000-2006 E53 BMW X5 3.0i
1999-2002 Z3 BMW Z3 2.3 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 3.0i
2003-2005 Z4 BMW Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i
OEM Ignition Service Kit - M52 M54
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Often an oversight in maintenance, ignition components are also susceptible to wear and tear. Spark Plugs can accumulate carbon, reducing the spark intensity and it's ability to properly ignite the air/fuel mixture, leading to misfires and generally declining performance. Other ignition components, such as coils, boots, wires, caps, and rotors, can also wear out over time due to factors like heat and contamination, preventing the current from reaching the spark plug.

To start over fresh with all new components, we now offer these Ignition Service Kits. Each kit comes with brand new OE quality components, replacing any potential fault points in your ignition system for peak performance!

See kit contents below for a complete list of included components.

Fits the following BMWs:
E36 BMW M52 2.5L 2.5L
E46 BMW M52, M54 (up to 09/2002)
E53 BMW X5 M54 (up to 10/2002)

E53 X5 Rear Coil Spring Conversion Kit
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Everyone knows the E53 has been notorious for the air ride system to fail. Even BMW technicians will tell you it's not if your air bags will fail, its when. Repairs can become fairly costly as well, with each bag plus labor potential costing you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Not only that, but the repairs never seem to be permanent, whether its a sensor going off a leaky air bag or the compressor. Get rid of these problems for good, with this Coil Spring conversion kit. Using OEM springs will give you similar ride height as the air ride without compromising handling or comfort.

**Note: Installing this kit will trigger a Self-Leveling Suspension Inactive Light**