BMW 1 Series E88 (2008-2013) Parts & Accessories

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BMW 1 Series E88 (2008-2013) Parts

The E88 was one of two available 1-Series options here in the United States as the convertible derivative of the E8x chassis. Aesthetically and mechanically, the E88 is nearly identical to the rest of the E8x lineup except that has a retractable roof and additional chassis bracing for rigidity. The E88 received either the naturally-aspirated or twin-turbo straight six BMW engines made famous for their snappy responsiveness and potential for smooth, high-revving, respectable output, which makes the convertible both a compact cruiser and a well-balanced performance platform. In this section, you will find everything specific to your E88 convertible so you can enjoy it for years to come and continue demonstrating BMWaEURtms ability to make a car that is fun to cruise in without a top while still offering a spirited competitiveness in the corners.