BMW Water Pumps for BMW X Series F26 (2015+)

Clear BMW chassis
The water pump is a known failure point on most BMWs, new and old. Older model BMWs come from the factory with a mechanical fan that features a plastic impeller. If your BMW still has a water pump with a plastic impeller, you should upgrade to one with a metal impeller to avoid future failure. New BMWs utilize an electric water pump that cost BMW millions of dollars to design - when it is working it is great, unfortunately these fail so regularly that we recommend replacing your electric water pump every 60,000 miles to avoid stranding yourself on the side of the road. We have hand selected the best OE suppliers for replacement water pumps so you don't have to pay the high cost of Genuine BMW. However, if you're someone who only puts Genuine BMW parts on your car, we understand - that's why we have those available for you as well.
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