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BMW Maintenance & Tune-Up Parts


Part of owning a BMW is the relationships we develop with our cars through years of driving pleasure and maintenance services alike. It is critical to guarantee the job is right the first time. With recommended OEM supplied components and by following the maintenance schedule, your BMW is sure to continue giving you years of enjoyment on the street or track. All the filters, service kits, service manuals, fluids, and more are right here to help keep your BMW in perfect shape.


Air Intake Filters

Lackluster performance from a high-performance machine can only mean one thing: poor maintenance. Keep your car at peak operating levels by doing simple things like replacing your air filter. Stock BMW air filters are made from pleated paper. In some cases you can simply remove it from the car and give it a good shake or brush with a very soft bristle brush. But for heavily soiled filters a replacement is the only option. A lot of fresh air is crucial for your BMW's engine to make power. Don't let the filter be the weak link. We only offer OEM quality brands for air filters. Check the Intake category for Performance Air Intakes & Drop In Performance Air Filters

Cabin Air Filters

Breathe fresh air again! As an important part of your car's heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, the microfilter should be replaced every year or 10,000 miles. If the microfilter (cabin air filter) becomes clogged it can reduce the blower output and lead to odoriferous emissions.

Carbon Removal

Walnut blasting your intake valves is an easy way to restore performance to your BMW. We stock Bavarian Autosport media blasters and material so you can do this at home and save yourself a ton of money for more exciting performance modifications.

Cooling System Service

The cooling system is considered a weak point on several BMW generations. We put together cooling system service kits to help you get everything you need to refresh your system without any additional research. If you've done your research and know you only need one certain component, check out our Cooling category.

Drive Belt Service

Drive belts should be inspected and changed regularly to avoid further complications. We offer Genuine BMW and other aftermarket brands that we trust or know to be OE manufacturers. We like to make it easy on you and do all the research for you - check out our Drive Belt Service kits.


Engine throwing an emissions related check engine light? Our emissions section has emissions parts that are considered normal maintenance.


If you're looking for BMW engine oil, brake fluid, transmission and diff fluid, power steering fluid, or coolant, this is the place. We also stock a variety of additives that we have seen benefits from.

Fuel Filters

The first place to look at for fuel supply and lean condition faults is the fuel filter. It's not hard for contaminants, dirt, and dust to find its way into your fuel system. Even rust can form in the tanks of some cars and that debris gets transferred through the system until eventually reaching the filter. There's nothing wrong with the system - the filter is doing exactly what it's supposed to do! But regular replacement of the fuel filter will ensure plenty of fuel is available for the engine to make power with. Is there a power gain from a fuel filter? No, but there is power restoration. The fuel filter is easily accessible on most cars and replacement is straight forward.

Ignition Service

It's important to keep your ignition system operating properly to avoid further complications in the future. Here at Turner Motorsport, we offer full ignition service kits if you'e going to overhaul your entire ignition system, and individual components if you've narrowed down your problem already.

Oil Service

Need to change your oil? We've put together oil service kits that include the right amount of fluids and correct filter so you don't have to do any research. You can count on our oil service kits, as we've compiled these kits from brands that we trust like Liqui-Moly and Hengst.

Repair / Service Manuals

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? Backyard mechanic? Tinkerer? Or a novice just starting out? Let the manual be your guide! We sell Bentley Service Manuals for most BMW models. They are widely regarded as the best source of how-tos, instructions, guidelines, and information on BMW repair procedures. You will find a wealth of useful information in these repair manuals that even an experienced home mechanic can use. A Bentley Repair Manual not only includes step-by-step guides but also data tables for filling quantities, tightening torques, Inspection I/II maintenance tables, wiring diagrams, and, of course, more. Bentley manuals cover all aspects of the car - General Data and Maintenance, Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Body, Body Equipment, and the Electrical System. Having one of these manuals on hand can literally save you time and money.

For the E30 M3 we also sell the excellent Koala Motorsport CD-ROM Repair Manual. It's filled with information and tech procedures specific to the S14 engine and the E30 M3. The E30 Bentley Manual and the E30 M3 CD-ROM make an unbeatable service manual for the M3.

Routine Maintenance & Tune-Up Packages

Keeping up with the maintenance on your car is the smart thing to do. For one thing, it prevents costly repairs in the future. For another, your car performs better, making aftermarket upgrades more worthwhile. And a well-maintained car with complete service records can add substantially to a car's resale value. In the last few years BMW has offered free scheduled maintenance on new cars. But this practice has led to deferred maintenance if you stick with their schedule. We don't want to see you left on a ledge after the warranty runs out so our service packages will ensure you get many more miles from your treasured BMW.

These tune-up packages can be configured any number of ways to ensure you get what you need for a full Inspection I, Inspection II, scheduled service, or any other major preventative maintenance service on a US-spec BMW. Our parts are OE, OEM, or performance alternatives that we have been using since our beginnings in 1993. We're dedicated to BMWs only! So you know that the people you're buying from are not just selling products out of a catalog for multiple makes of car. We know your car! You get top quality parts, first-rate service, and unbeatable expertise to keep your BMW in peak condition.

Service Reset Tools & Fault Code Readers

Fault Code Readers and Diagnostic Scanners put the power of the dealership in your hands. The Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light means something! It's alerting you to a potential problem and a fault code has been stored in the car's internal diagnostic system. You can take the car to the dealer and have the code pulled for you (for a one-time fee) or you can buy one of these code readers and check the trouble code yourself (and any other code that may come up in the future). These diagnostic tools pay for themselves. They are a must for the DIYer or any mechanic. These tools can read and reset trouble codes and reset your maintenance interval settings. A separate tool can also be used to reset the SRS system (separate from the engine diagnostic system). Peake Reset Tools come with a booklet containing instructions and a list of codes.

For newer cars we also sell multi-function scan tools, gauges, and programmers. Reading and resetting Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) are some of the many functions that these handheld and dash-mounted accessories perform. These are the next generation of 'smart' programmers capable of loading new versions of engine software, recording and playback of data, and timing meters.

Transmission & Differential Service

BMW automatic transmissions require a regular filter and fluid change. While BMW has recently implemented 'Lifetime' fluid on most current models, we feel that it is critical to change the transmission filter and flush the fluid at least every 50,000 miles. We carry the BMW transmission filters and special transmission fluids for your BMW.

Timing Chain Service

Timing jobs are not for the faint of heart. If you're brave, mechanically competent, or both - we have all of the timing related components for your BMW that you could possibly need.

Windshield Wipers

Always be sure to keep your wiper blades fresh and in good working order. It is generally best to replace them atleast once a year or before the colder months start approaching.