Remanufactured Hydro Steering Gear - E70 X5M,E71 X6M

This is a complete remanufactured power steering rack for the X5/X6 M. The core charge is included in the final price and will be refunded as soon as your old unit has been received. 

If you are experiencing excessive play through the steering wheel or the wheel feels overly heavy while turning chances are your steering rack has gone bad. The M models of BMWs have highly sophisticated steering systems that respond to driver input as well as a bevy of sensors on the vehicle. Often times the vehicle will begin to show signs of erratic steering before the rack itself is actually bad. These can include a "choppy" feeling in the wheel while going through a turn and the inability for the wheel to return to center after exiting a turn. While most of these symptoms are minor and little more than an annoyance, prolonged use of the bad steering rack may, in fact, cause a very dangerous situation while driving, since the steering rack is able to make adjustments and send feedback to the vehicle beyond the driver's control. 

OE BMW Hydro Steering Gear part number: 32106788974

This part fits the following BMWs:
2007 - 2013 E70 X5M
2008-2014 E71 X6M

T#: 56071 | Part#: 32106788974
Part#: 32-10-6-788-974
Part#: 32 10 6 788 974
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Remanufactured Hydro Steering Gear - E70 X5M,E71 X6M