Cooling System Tools for BMW 8 Series E31 (1991-1997)

Clear BMW chassis
Service your BMW cooling system confidently with the tools trusted by professionals. Our pressure tester kit, pressure bleeder kit, and fin comb have been chosen for their effectiveness at providing complete and easy cooling system services without the hassles of hunting for leaks or spending an hour while making a mess bleeding your coolant.
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Schwaben Water Pump Pulley Holder for Removal of Fan Clutch
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Replacing the fan clutch on most BMW models requires holding the water pump pulley while removing the fan clutch lock nut. With less than 1 1/2" clearance on some models this project can easily turn into a mechanical nightmare. Using our special slim line fan clutch wrench in conjunction with the appropriate pulley spanner, the removal and installation required only a few moments.
Schwaben Long-Reach 32mm Open End Fan Clutch Wrench
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